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Jury Duty for January 9, 2023 is Cancelled.


For your convenience, you have the ability to file the following case types online

  • DC
  • DJ
  • DN
  • DI
  • DV
  • DD
  • DR

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The State Law Library

The forms on this site are provided by the State Law Library, not the Clerk of District Court's office. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the forms. Any documents filed in our office must meet the requirements of the Montana Code Annotated, the Uniform District Court Rules, and the Local Court Rules.

  1. Marriage License Information
  2. Passport Information
  3. Copies & Record Searches
  4. Filing Fees
  5. Jury Service
  • Montana Marriage Application (PDF)
  • Both parties need to be present at the time of application
  • Certified Birth Certificate or State issued ID or Tribal Identification
  • Date of Decree of Dissolution of Marriage (if previously married and divorced)
  • Fee: $53 cash only