Federal Primary Elections

Election Date:  June 7, 2022
Candidate Filing Opens:  January 13, 2022                          
Candidate Filing Closes:  March 14, 2022                        
Last Day to Withdraw Candidacy:  March 14, 2022            

Candidate Filing Forms and Information

Candidate Lists

Filing Fees

County Offices (Four Year Terms)
Filing Fee
Clerk & Recorder$339.00
Commissioner (District 2)$339.00
County Attorney
Justice of the Peace$332.74
Superintendent of Schools$166.37

**Fees for State Offices will vary.  View a list of state offices and fees (pdf).

Where to File for Office

County Office filing forms are to be filed with the County Election Office, 121 3rd Street W, Room 227, Hardin, MT 59034. If you are running for a state office, file your form with the Secretary of State's Office, PO Box 202801, Helena, MT 59620.

Campaign Finance Forms

Statement of Candidate forms must be filed online with the Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP) within five (5) days of filing for office.  Any questions regarding campaign finances shall be directed to the COPP at 406-444-2942.

Additional Filing Information

If you plan on filing as an Independent candidate, please contact the election office at 406-665-9704 for details.

For more information on running for state offices, please contact the Secretary of State's Office at 406-444-2034 or toll free at 888-884-8683.