Big Horn County Detention Center houses pretrial and sentenced inmates for up to one year. We occasionally house inmates awaiting transfer to other counties.

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Visiting an Inmate

Visiting Hours

  • Female Inmates: Saturday & Sundays  9AM-11:00AM
  • Male Inmates: Saturday & Sundays   1PM – 4:30PM

Visiting is by appointment only.  Call the Detention Center on Fridays to make an appointment.

Visitation Rules

  1. Visitor must be present when the Inmate’s visitation is scheduled.
  2. ID is required.
  3. Loud/disruptive behavior by inmates or visitors will be grounds to terminate the visit and/or trespass the visitor from the premises.

List of Items Approved for Detainees (PDF)



Please send inmate mail as follows:
Inmate Name
c/o Detention
Box 908
Hardin MT 59034

You must put your first/last name and return address on the envelope. Inmates can only receive letters, cards, and photographs (No Polaroids, newspaper clippings, drawings, stickers, glitter, musical cards, items written in crayon or marker, etc). Please remember, for safety and security, all items are searched before being taken into the Detention Center. Letters may not be dropped off.


Inmates may call out, but cannot receive calls in. For phone questions call, 406-665-9792


A bond is the amount the judge sets to guarantee an individual will go to court as required. If you would like to help your family/friend post bond, you can bring in cash, certified check (payable to the charging court), or work with a bond company. Bond companies are listed in the phone book or you can find a list in the Detention Center lobby.


If your family/friend is to be transported to another county or state, we are unable to discuss any information for safety and security reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Medical Care

One Health provides medical care for the Detention Center. Detention Center Staff or may contact you to bring medication for your family/friend. Due to HIPPA regulations, Detention staff is unable to discuss medical care, dental care, medications, or other medical issues.


Commissary is available to all inmates. Commissary is a privilege provided to inmates in good standing, who have funds deposited by friends and family members.

Commissary funds are accepted as cash only and may be deposited at anytime at the Detention Center. The deadline for deposits are Wednesday at noon for the inmates to participate in Commissary pass on Friday.

Public Fingerprinting

Public fingerprinting is available by appointment only and offered at 
Big Horn County Detention Center
121 3rd Street W
Hardin MT 59034

  • All individuals needing a specific type of fingerprint card need to bring the card at the time they are fingerprinted.
  • Fingerprint cards for all others are furnished by the facility.
  • $10 for first print card and $7 for each additional card.
  • Cash only

Employment Opportunities