Michael Opie Accountant 406.665.9884
Vacant Clerk 406.665.9736


Ed Auker Airport Manager 406.679.0541


Daniele O’Banion 406.665.8740

Clerk & Recorder

Kimberly Yarlott Clerk and Recorder 406.665.9731
Teresa Turnsplenty Clerk 2 406.665.9730
Peri Schenderline Clerk 1 406.665.9732

Big Horn County Commissioners

Name District/Position Phone Email
George Real Bird III District 1
Sidney Fitzpatrick District 2,Chairman
Larry Vandersloot District 3
Candy Wells Administrative Assistant 406.665.9700
Lance Pedersen Legal Counsel 406.665.9705

Council On Aging

Name Title Email
Joni Schaff Council on Aging Director
Jennifer Dosson Lodge Grass Supervisor
Council on Aging

County Attorney

Name Title Phone Email
Jay Harris County Attorney
Randen Schoppe Deputy County Attorney
Debra Pretty Paint Legal Assistant  406.665.9720

Disaster & Emergency Services

Name Title Phone Email
Brian Mischel DES Director 406.665.1731

District Court

Name Title Phone Email
Karen Jean Yarlott Clerk of Court 406.665.9751
Gloria Goes Ahead Deputy 406.665.9750
Michelle Massine Deputy 406.665.9752


Name Title Phone Email
Dulcie Bear Don’t Walk Elections Administrator 406.665.9704
Joe Wilson Deputy Elections Administrator 406.665.9820

Environmental Health

Name Title Phone Email
Vacant Sanitarian 406.665.8724

Extension Office/ Fairgrounds

Name Title Phone Email
Molly Masters Agriculture Agent (406) 665-9773
Holly Miner Family & Consumer Science Agent (406) 665-9772
Jill Dale Administrative Support (406) 665-9771
Kelly Zier Administrative Support (406) 665-9770
Andrea Berry MSU Nutrition (406) 665-9774


Vacant Fairgrounds Manager (O) 406.665.9766
(C) 406.679.1362
Paul Wagenaar Fairgrounds Supervisor (C)406.679.5662

Human Resources/ Personnel

Name Title Phone Email
Lindsey Fox Human Resource Coordinator 406.665.9735
Julie Molina Clerk III/ Payroll 406.665.9822

Justice Court

Name Title Phone Email
Ernie Bear Don’t Walk Justice of the Peace
Stephanie Whiteman Court Clerk II 406.665.9760
Olive Smells Court Clerk III 406.665.9760


Name Title Phone Email
Ray Dale Director 406.665.9741
Donna Howe Librarian 406.665.9742
Bert Feuvray Librarian 406.665.9746
Angie LittleLight Children’s Librarian  406.665.9743
Anita Schoppe Adult Learning Center 406.665.9747

Public Health

Name Title Phone Email
Esther Wynne Public Health Nurse 406.665.8720

Roads, Junk Vehicle & Rural Fire

Name Title Phone Email
Matt Redden Road Superintendent/ Fire Chief/ Junk Vehicle Director 406.665.9863
Sherry Spencer Secretary 406.665.9860


Name Title
Lawrence Big Hair Sheriff

Superintendent of Schools

Name Title Phone Email
John Small Superintendent of Schools 406.665.9821
Joe Wilson Secretary 406.665.9820


Name Title Phone Email
Denise Rios Treasurer 406.665.9830
Kim Wacker Deputy Treasurer 406.665.9836
Abby Hammond Deputy Treasurer 406.665.9831
Mary Price Deputy Treasurer 406.665.9830
Vacant Deputy Treasurer 406.665.9832

Victim Assistance Program

Name Title Phone Email
Devaney Buffalo Big Horn County Victim/ Witness Specialist (C) 406.679.1361
(O) 406.665.9727