Name Title Phone Email
Denise Rios  Treasurer 406.665.9830
Kim Wacker  Deputy Treasurer 406.665.9836
Abby Hammond  Deputy Treasurer 406.665.9831
Mary Price Deputy Treasurer 406.665.9830
Vacant Deputy Treasurer 406.665.9832

D9231078 copyThe Treasurer’s Office is the collection and distribution center for all taxes in Big Horn County. While the vast majority of taxes are paid on or before the due date, a substantial effort is made to collect taxes which go delinquent.

The office handles collection of miscellaneous business and gambling licenses. It also receipts all the non-tax revenue by the County.

Disbursements of cash to cover County obligations is also the responsibility of this office. These disbursements may be to cover bills paid by County warrant, or to cover bond payments or remittances to other government agencies for which the County collects taxes.

It is in the public’s best interest to have any cash invested. That investment responsibility rests in the Treasurer’s Office. The present investment program is a good one, but it is constantly being reviewed and improved.

Record-keeping and reporting are also important functions of the office. Tax and license payment records are maintained as well as disbursement records. Additionally, the office is required to keep detailed records of school budgets. Reports from this office go to the State, the City of Hardin, schools, irrigation & various districts, and to the County Commissioners.




Driver’s License Exams are given on Tuesdays between 9:30 to 3:30 with a 1 hour lunch.

Pay fees at the Treasurer’s Office before taking an exam or renewing your license.

Manuals can be picked up at the Treasurer’s Office.

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