Big Horn County Announces One (1) Newly-confirmed Case of COVID-19 Over Two (2) Days Six (6) new cases in March—18 Mar

HARDIN, MONTANA (March 17, 2021) – Big Horn County added one (1) newly-confirmed case of COVID-19 on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, a female in her 50’s, who presented with symptoms when tested and could be traced by public health to previously-known cases of coronavirus. The County had no new cases on Monday, March 15, 2021.
Total confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Big Horn County:
Age Ranges Female Male Totals Recovered Active Deaths
Under age 10 89 99 188
Age 10 – 19 191 190 381
Age 20 – 29 194 168 362
Age 30 – 39 198 185 383
Age 40 – 49 158 123 281
Age 50 – 59 166 120 286
Age 60 – 69 144 114 258
Over age 70 112 80 192
Totals 1,252 1,079 2,331 2,258 4 69
Recoveries, which indicate that the patient is no longer able to transmit the virus but may still have symptoms, remain at 2,258. In the County, 69 deaths have been certified as COVID-19-related. Of the four (4) active cases, three (3) patients are quarantining and recovering at home. The number of Big Horn County resident patients currently hospitalized in the region is one (1).
Number of Cases Number of Deaths
April 3 –
May 27 –
June 44 3
July 249 5
August 357 8
September 294 6
October 456 17
November 473 8
December 262 16
January 92 4
February 68 1
March (03/16/2021 to date) 6 1
Total since Pandemic Began 2,331 69
Let’s keep the new case numbers low! Even if you have recently received the vaccine against COVID-19, it is important to continue to follow the three W’s: Wash your hands; Watch your distance from other people; Wear a mask. The County asks all residents to please continue stay home more often and to avoid events or gatherings. Also, the Board of County Commissioners and Board of Public Health remind everyone to wear a mask and social distance when outside of their homes and in public.
Tracking down contacts to a positive case (contact tracing) is one of the best tools public health can use to slow the spread of the virus. If you believe you were in the presence of a recently confirmed COVID-19 case for more than five (5) minutes, please call public health so that a nurse may interview you and determine what level of exposure you have:
• IHS Public Health Nursing: (406) 638-3478
• Big Horn County Public Health: (406) 665-8720
To schedule an appointment with the Big Horn County Health Department for a COVID-19 vaccine, please call 406-665-8777 and leave a message with your name (please spell your name), age, date of birth, phone number, phase that you think you should be in for vaccination (1A, 1B, 1C or 2), and your pre-existing conditions. OR click on the following link to use our Google doc for fast, easy registration for phases 1C or 2:
Please visit our Facebook page for more information on how to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination in Big Horn County.
Big Horn County is the sixth largest county in Montana, at approximately 5,023 square miles, and with a population exceeding 13,000. The local government was established January 13, 1913. Hardin is the County Seat. For more information about the County’s COVID-19 response, please visit our Facebook page at

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